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Dragonfruit, seaweed, togarashi

Pre-desserts adapt your palate to go from savoury to the dessert section of a coursed dinner. They are always sweet, but also spicy and/or savoury. The combination of flavours needs to be perfect, well-balanced and delicate. These are usually small bites and just enough to get you ready for a decadent dessert.

This is a simple pre-dessert. The sweetness from the dragon fruit is balanced by the seaweed that brings in notes of the sea and salt and finished by the herby togarashi and spice. Sweet, sea and spicy are together in a lovely combination.

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2 large dragonfruit, peeled and cut into half moons

A drizzle of honey

Dried nori seaweed sheets, cut into small strips of 1-inch long


Arrange the dragonfruit on a platter. Drizzle with honey and add the seaweed strip. Sprinkle with togarashi abundantly. Serve.

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