Why A Bowl of Sugar


A Bowl of Sugar was conceived during the “stay at home” orders that most of us experienced during the COVID-19 shut down. As neighbors we helped each other out with everything important, hand sanitizer, flour, and of course, a bowl of sugar. 

I started sharing recipes weekly with my clients and friends. This mailing list started to get large, and more importantly I recognized that the emails were being forwarded. In addition, I started receiving requests for more recipes, sometimes specific, (“Do you have a recipe for coleslaw with horseradish?”).  And some more general “can you send us some Summer light pasta recipes?”.

And thus A Bowl of Sugar was born!


This blog goes back to the tradition of borrowing (or lending) a bowl of sugar from your neighbor. This initial interaction was multifaceted, it served as a means of introduction, it allowed the neighbors to learn how gracious and giving (or stingy) they would be, and finally served the greater purpose of building an interconnected community. 

This blog portrays that spirit of sharing and caring. What better way is there than to share recipes with your next door neighbor, or from your family across the world, or from like minded cooks foir passionate food lovers  and he far reaches of the globe.

Share (or definitely ask for) recipes, share your culture, and most importantly share your love!

Why A Bowl of Sugar

The purpose of this blog is primarily to become a recipe exchange and allow for home cooks and chefs to share recipes with the community. 

There are two features of the blog that make it unique:

1) You can become a contributor. Yes you can request permission and contribute all your fabulous recipes here. This is the core of making this site a recipe exchange.

2) You can ask for a recipe. Some of you already do this. Here is a formal place you can ask fior a recipe you have always wanted, and the recipes will be published for everyone. We have a group of contributors, chefs and a larg library of cookbooks, let us find you the perfect recipe that has been tested. 


Our mission is very simple and clear:

  • To curate recipes from around the world. This mission is to catalog and collect all recipes from across the globe and make them available to everyone.

  • To never be a paid subscription service. This will always be a free resource to members and Contributors.

  • To be a place where recipes that are passed on from generation to generation, usually by mouth, have a place to reside.

We always want this to be a place of food, culture and sharing.

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Passionate cook and amateur blogger.

These recipes are mostly from all the cookbooks I own, magazines I subscribe to or in some cases from websites and blogs. I have cooked each and everyone of these recipes. They are all flavors I love. this bolg is part my life as a home chef and my passion for food.