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Melon granita

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In the world of ices, granitas and sorbets are two of the most well-known. They differ in how they are made. A sorbet is churned in an ice cream maker and a granita is frozen in the freezer directly. They dibber in the size of the ice crystal and thus how they feel and melt on your palate. The granitas have larger ice particles and hence melt slower intensifying the taste on your tongue.

This is a simple granita but one that was spectacular. It is light and delicate. the ice melts on your palate leaving notes of delicate flavours and the small chunks taw slowly intensifying these tastes. Delicate is the first word that comes to mind, the sugar is almost non-existent, and the fruit shines in summer glory. The hint of rose water takes this recipe to new heights. This is the perfect summer granita, one that did not last past the dinner with everyone wanting seconds.

The recipe exists in two books, however, My Bombay Kitchen adds the touch of rose water hence I have referenced both books. You can make either variation and it will be suoerb. Be careful not to drown the subtle melon in sugar, this is a light dessert, one where the fruit is the star.

My Bombay Kitchen is a wonderful cookbook that highlights Parsi cuisine and recipes from Mumbai. It is packed with traditional recipes from the community, with short narratives about the history, dish or culture. It tends to favour the Bombay (Mumbai) style dishes that are famous, as well as, some of the home recipes from the author's family kitchen. It is a wonderful specialized cookbook.

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The Perfect Scoop is my go-to book for ice creams, sorbets and everything frozen. The recipes are always fabulous, I sometimes have to hide this book so I do not make to many goodies from it. If there is one ice cream book you need, this is it!

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2 lb melon

1 teaspoon lime juice, or to taste

1 tablespoon sugar, or to taste

1 teaspoon rose water

Split the melon in half and discard the seeds. Cut the melon into wedges and cut the skin off. Put most of the melon, keeping a couple of slices, into a blender with the sugar and lime juice. Blend till very smooth. Taste for sweetness and for a hint of tartness. The sugar should accent the melon and not overpower it.

Place in the freezer and toss with a fork every 2 hours fir the first 5 hours and the very hour till you have a granular ice.

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