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Sweet lime dragon fruit drink, with vodka

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Dragon fruit originated in central and South America and is part of the cactus family. However, this lovely fruit has spread across the globe because of the ease with which it grows. There are four main varieties of the fruit, three with red skin and either white, red or purple flesh, and one with yellow skin and white flesh. This fruit has flooded the Indian market and is available all year round. I love the fruit for the gentle bite the small seeds provide and the subtle sweet-tart flavour.

This is a super simple drink for those hot summer days. The juice is pulpy and has structure but is still very refreshing because of the lime juice. The addition of chilli powder, not in the original recipe, adds a nuance of spice that is welcoming. In addition, I sometimes add a large glug of vodka for a lovely fruity adult beverage. Perfect to kick off that party.

This is a very contemporary cookbook that specializes in the cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula. The presentation is contemporary but the chef has stayed with the beautiful flavours and recipes of the region. The famed restaurant off a small road in Tulum is gorgeous, and the food has got a cult-like following. Every recipe that I have cooked from this book is fantastic and it is my favourite contemporary Mexican cookbook. In addition, it is a beautiful book, with vivid photographs that capture the land, the ingredients and the food, combined with anecdotes and cultural stories, this is more of a coffee-table cookbook that sits in my kitchen.

For more recipes from this cookbook click here.


1 dragon fruit, peeled and cubed

2 tablespoons lime juice

2 tablespoons mild honey

1/4 teaspoon chilli powder (optional)

Dragon fruit slices for garnish

Add all the ingredients, except the garnish to a small blender and purée smooth. Taste for a good balance of sweet and tart with a very light hint of chilli, if using. Pour into glasses and garnish with the dragon fruit wedge.

If using two colours of dragon fruit, purèe them separately adding chilli only to one. Layer the juices in a glass.

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