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Spiced ridged gourds (Turai rasedar)

I am usually accused of using very hard-to-find ingredients and making complex recipes. Well, here is a simple recipe that is both healthy and delicious.

Ridged gourds are found all over India and are cooked using several methods, with stir-fried being the most common. The gourd is prized for its light flavour and nutrition including the high amount of fibre.

This recipe is very simple and mildly flavoured with green chillies and spices. The gourds should not be cooked to a mush, as is common in Indian cooking, but leave the circles whole and intact, cooking them till they are just cooked through. The beauty of the dish is in the texture as much as in the flavour. this is a lovely simple side for any meal.

This is a wonderful cookbook from a star chef. The recipes are from all regions of India and go from super simple to complex. every recipe that I have cooked has been amazing, I highly recommend this cookbook for those of us who want fabulous food on the table.

For more amazing recipes from this cookbook, click here.


1 lb tender ridged gourds, about 2-3

1 tablespoon ghee

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

A generous pinch of asafoetida

2 green chillies, halved longitudinally

1/4 teaspoon turmeric

Salt, to taste

1 teaspoon ground coriander seeds

Lime juice

Peel the ridges off the gourds using a knife or a potato peeler. I like to leave more than the usual amount of green skin on the gourds for texture and nutrition. Chop into small circles and set aside.

Heat the ghee on low in a small wok and add the cumin seeds. Sautè for 30 seconds and add the asafoetida. stir and add the green chillies and cut ridged gourds and toss well in the ghee. Cook on low heat for 10 minutes till the gourds are soft. Toss the pot occasionally to cook the ingredients evenly.

When the gourds have turned soft, you want them to retain a bit of texture and not become mushy, as with most Indian cooking. Add the turmeric, salt and ground coriander. toss well to coat the gourds with the spices.

Remove from the heat and drizzle some lime juice, again tossing the pot well to mix in the lime juice.

Serve hot.

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