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Smoked pastrami, pomegranate molasses, Urfa sando

Updated: Mar 22

Sandwiches are perfect for road trips, but they need not be fussy with too many small ingredients and dry without loads of mayo and dressing. A packaged soggy sandwich is amongst the most disgusting things you can have.

The trick is to get sturdy bread, wholegrain or, in this case, a lovely millet porridge-seeded bread with structure from Loafer and Co.. the white bread that is so common in India tends to turn mushy and disgusting in a few minutes and cannot stand up to any moisture. Also, the dressing or spread needs to be minimal, enough for a great flavour not to make the sandwich mushy. Small ingredients like cherry tomatoes should be avoided as they tend to slip out and things get messy.

This sandwich was perfect; beautifully smoked pastrami from Dianora was layered onto a hearty and delicious bread and smothered with just enough pomegranate-mayo dressing. Tart, sweet, smoky and a touch of heat from the Urfa pepper flakes, this was a delicious sandwich with flavours of the Middle East.

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Ingredients:\ (per sandwich):

8 slices Smoked pastrami from Dianora

3 tablespoons pomegranate molasses

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

2 lettuce leaves

3 generous pinches of Urfa pepper flakes

2 slices millet porridge seeded bread from Loafer & Co, or other whole grain bread

Toast the bread if desired.

Mix the mayo and pomegranate molasses and taste for tartness, it must make you pucker. Layer the mix onto the inside of both pieces of bread. Top with the meat and lettuce. On the top inside, add the Urfa pepper flakes. Close and cut diagonally.

Serve immediately or package for a road trip.

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