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Quick pickled Mexican-style vegetables

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Quick pickled Mexican-style vegetables I got tired of the soggy Mexican pickles that I so love. So I have created this recipe taking into consideration pickling flavors from Mexico and El Salvador. Easy, and so much better that the canned crap! No Mexican table (or meal) is complete without these.

For more recipes created by me click here. 1/2 lb total mixed vegetables listed below. Total volume is 1/2 lb, not 1/2 lb each). Jalapeños, sliced or chunked. (Note: the thinner the slices, the quicker the vegetable will pickle, and the spicier the mix will be.) Other peppers, serranos, Thai, Chili Pequin, habaneros, all sliced. Mix and match as desired. Carrots, sliced Onions, thick slices Other vegetables you may choose to add. (Total volume is still 1/2 lb). Cauliflower, small chunks Zucchini, sliced Green beans, raw, in 2 inch pieces Chayote, chunked small Radish, sliced Anything else and in any combination you want. Pickling mix: Apple cider vinegar, to cover. You can use white vinegar, but apple cider vinegar gives the pickles a mellow pickling flavor. 8-10 whole black peppercorns A teaspoon oregano, Mexican if possible 2-3 whole cloves Ground or whole anato seeds (optional). If whole, crush them a bit using a mortar and pestle. Salt to taste

Optional: Sugar, 1 teaspoon. Some folks like the sweeter version of these pickles. I usually don’t add this. Remember, create what you like, not what folks tell you to.... Mix it all together in an airtight container. Sit at room temperature for 4 hours, or it will pickle continuously for about a month in the fridge. They will always be crisp and delicious. Never soggy Mexican pickles again!

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