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Persimmon with lime and chili

In my house in California we had a massive persimmon tree, so over the years we have grown to love the fruit. Every year, in November, the color of the leaves would change to a bright orange and drop leaving a bear tree loaded with bright orange fruit. The fruit would peak in sweetness in the first week of December, and it was always a bounty I shared with friends and the neighborhood.

Persimmons come in a few varieties, the most common are the Fuyu that is the most edible, round and squat, they start crispy and turn a gooey soft and sugar sweet. The Hachiyas are oblong in shape and turn soft, this variety is best for breads, puddings and other desserts. There are a few other varieties but they are not commonly available, for a more in-depth look at this fruit, click here. I was super excited to get the Fuyus in Hyderabad, and quite abundantly. However, very few people are aware of it and it is still an undiscovered fruit in India.

My gardener introduced me to the joys of Tajin, the super Mexican condiment. It is a mix of chili, lime and salt. It is wonderful on almost anything, particularly fruit. However, Indians have been enjoying the same flavors the old fashioned way, dried chili powder, salt and a few drops of fresh lime juice.

The sweet fruit are brought alive by the salt and lime juice and the spice makes you crave more. Super sweet, spicy, tangy and salty, this is an explosion in your mouth. Be careful to hold back on the seasonings, the fresh sweetness of the persimmon can get drowned out very easily. You can snack on these at home, or serve it as a salad, but I also like to serve it as a palate cleanser between courses. My guests are always quite fascinated by the new fruit and how wonderful it is.

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1-2 persimmons, either wedged or cut in very thin horizontal circles

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon salt

Lime wedges

If using persimmon wedges, mix the salt and chili powders. Dip one edge of the persimmon wedge into the mix to coat it. Repeat with all the wedges. Arrange on a platter and squeeze 1-2 drops of lime juice per wedge. Serve immediately.

If using slices, lay them on a plate, they can overlap a bit. Sprinkle some salt and chili powder on the slices followed by 1-2 drops of lime juice per slice. Serve immediately.

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