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Roasted red pepper, almond, and feta salad

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

This is such. simple and amazing salad. Bright, colorful and a crowd-pleaser.

It is even easier if you use jarred roasted peppers, but I do not like the vinegar or brined flavor, so I prefer to roast the peppers and get that fresh roasted sweet flavor. In addition, you can also use a variety of peppers for a change in colors.

The combination of salt from the creamy cheese, the sweet from the roasted peppers and the nuttiness from the almonds are perfect together. This is quite an addictive salad, so make more that you think you need.

This is a wonderful cookbook full of surprising recipes like this one. The recipes are quite simple and always turn out beautifully. I love every recipe that I have made so far, the flavors are fantastic and the dishes are always well received by guests.

For more wonderful recipes from this cookbook, click here.


3-4 red bell peppers

12 oz. (about 1/2 cup creamy feta cheese

1/4 cup parsley, minced

3 tablespoons blanched slivered almonds, lightly toasted

Lemon juice, to taste


Roast the bell peppers in the oven under the broiler till they are blistered and charred in spots and the skin is loose. Remove, cool and slip off the skins and seeds. Cut into thin strips.

Crumble the feta and mix with the parsley.

To assemble, add the feta mix in the center of a large plate. Arrange the roasted pepper strips around the feta so it looks really good. Drizzle with lemon juice and EVOO.

Right before serving, sprinkle the almonds and serve. You do not want the toasted almonds to go soft. Keep salt on the side, usually the feta is salty enough so do do not need any.

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