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Ham, French mustard, lettuce sando

Updated: Mar 22

I was asked to make sandwiches for a road trip so we did not have to stop multiple times. This is one of the sandwiches that I created. It is based on the traditional French Croque-monsieur with minor variations.

The base is perfectly Smoked honey-glazed ham from Dianora. It is moist, smoky and delicious. The bread was from Loafer & Co., and it was millet-porridge seeded bread that was gluten-free and out of this world—chewy, with a lovely aroma of toasted millet and seeds. The French whole-grain, not smooth mustard, please, adds a sweet bite and spice to the sandwich, and the lettuce a crunch. The sandwich is perfect for travel; it does not get soggy and yucky, and it stays firm. This was a sandwich we wolfed down.

This is a case where simple is delicious; getting the correct ratio of the meat to the French mustard is essential for the flavours to be perfect.

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1 tablespoon whole-grain French mustard


3 slices h

3 slices Smoked honey-glazed ham

1-2 leaves lettuce

Cheddar slices (optional)

Whole grain bread, toasted if desired

Toast the bread if desired. On one slice, apply a generous layer of whole-grain mustard. You want enough to have a strong taste and enough spice. On the other slice, smear some butter. Top the mustard with the ham, cheese, and lettuce. Top with the second slice and cut at a diagonal.

Serve immediately or wrap for a picnic.

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