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Strawberry sorbet with aged balsamic vinegar

I do love sorbets for the fresh fruit flavors and compared to ice creams, they are super simple to make. However, making the perfect sorbet is about a balance of flavors, not too much sugar to drown out the freshness of the fruit. In addition, I like adding an additional flavoring agent a herb, spice or a condiment, in this case aged balsamic vinegar, to enhance the flavor of the fruit.

It is strawberry season and I have jumped into making some fun salads and desserts again, check out the amazing and super simple Lourde;s luscious strawberry ice cream recipe on this blog.

This super simple sorbet is absolutely delicious, tart-sweet and the hint of aged balsamic adds that perfect nuance to make the sorbet irresistible. I like to use the sweeter and more delicate aged balsamic vinegars for this recipe, the regular balsamic is too tart and a bit harsh.

This is a wonderful cookbook from one of San Francisco's legendary restaurants. I have had the opportunity to dine here on numerous occasions and the one dish Iabsolutely love is the perfectly and succulent grilled chicken. This cookbook, is filled with amazing recipes from the restaurant. The recipes stick to the farm-to-table concept and use the best and freshest ingredients.

Fpr more recipes from the amazing cookbook, click here.


3 cups strawberries, washed and hulled

2-5 tablespoons sugar, depending on the sweetness of the strawberries

1/2-1 teaspoon aged balsamic vinegar

Pure2e the strawberries with the sugar, adding a bit at a time. You are looking for a tart sorbet with a hint of sweetness that does not drown out the freshness of the strawberries. Add the balsamic, a few drops at a time and mix in well. You want the balsamic to add a subtle flavor and not be dominant.

Chill and churn in an ice cream maker following the sorbet settings or manufacturers instructions. Or freeze in the freezer.

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