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Sheep's cheese and cherry jam canapés

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

This super simple canapé plays with sweet, salt and spice.

Espelette peppers are a from the Basque region of France and have a mild heat associated with them with beautiful flavors of fruit. They are perfect for those European dishes where you desire a gentle spice that does not overwhelm the other ingredients. This canapé does just that. The sweet from the jam pairs well with the salty cheese and the peppers add that touch of beautiful spice. Fortunately, these peppers are available in India on-line.

This is my favorite cookbook for canapés and other open faced sandwiches, because of recipes like this one.

For more outstanding recipes from this cookbook, click here.


Cherry jam

Hard sheep's cheese, see types here

Espelette pepper or hot paprika powder

Country bread, toasted or crackers

Add the jam on the toast and top with the cheese and a sprinkling of chili powder. Alternatively, you can start with the cheese and add the jam on top. Sprinkle with the Espelette pepper powder, being as generous as you would like. Serve immediately before the toast gets soggy.

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