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Alphonso mango fro-yo (or ice cream)

Alphonso mangoes have been labelled the "king of mangoes" for a reason. They have the most alluring aroma, the creamiest flesh and the most delicate of flavours. I keep arguing with folks about the other varietals, which are also delicious, Sinduri, baganphalli, Himayath, and others, and in my opinion, the Alphonso mango rules supreme. Yes, you do pay a premium price for these mangoes, but I still think they are worth the price tag.

Here is a simple recipe that uses Alphonso mangoes at the peak of their season when they are ripe and their sweetest. It is a simple recipe, designed to bring out the fruit's flavour and help you fight off the hot summer weather.

I switch to frozen yoghurt as ice creams are too rich for the hot weather, Yoghurt adds the same creaminess but is much lighter. The subtle tartness in the yoghurt adds to the lightness of the dessert. Here it compliments and brings out the sweetness and flavours of the mangoes. There is barely any sugar, and please do not add more and drown out the freshness of the dessert and the delicate flavours of the mangoes. The recipe for the ice cream is also present in this post, all you have to do is switch out the yoghurt for heavy creamm.

This is a thin volume containing some superb recipes, most of them using alcohol as an ingredient or as a flavouring agent. Beautifully designed recipes produce amazing gelatos, ones that I find hard to stay away from.

For more recipes from this cookbook, click here.


1 1/2 cups Alphonso mango purée (about 3-4 mangoes)

2-3 teaspoons confectioner's sugar

1 cup full-fat yoghurt

Alphonso mango chunks, to garnish (optional)

2 tablespoons dark rum, Old Monk preferred (optional)

Note: for the ice cream substitute heavy cream for the yoghurt.

Blend the mango chunks with the sugar to a smooth purée.

Whisk the yoghurt till very smooth. Mix in the mango pulp and freeze in an ice cream maker on the frozen yoghurt setting.

For the ice cream blend in the mango purée with the cream and freeze on the ice cream setting.

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